Wedding Cocktail Trends 2019

Cheers to the start of the 2019 Wedding Season! It's just around the corner, and I know there are at least a few beautiful Brides tossing up ideas for their wedding drinks right now! To give you a few ideas, here's what I think will be trending for 2019.

1. Local Ingredients are top of the list!

Choosing a variety of drinks including everything from locally grown fruit and herbs to locally made spirits and craft beer is always a great way to not only give your guests a delicious taste of the region but also a way to keep things interesting and different!

2. Single Use Plastic is out

Choosing a bar service which uses reusable cups- either glassware or polycarbonate or one of the many bio options available helps to keep the carbon footprint of your big day down. We use glassware with high end polycarbon glassware available for glass free venues! Is there anyone out there still using single use these days?!

3. Expand your offerings

We are seeing more and more couples moving away from standard bar packages and personalising their menus. From the wine they drank on their first date to his n' hers cocktails for their friends, the list is getting longer and we love it! There's nothing like serving a menu which has been carefully thought out.

4. Open the bar early

The start of a wedding is awkward. After the ceremony with the lovely couple on route to their photo sesh, but what about the guests? Left behind, milling around, making small talk? Our answer (as always!) open the bar! Small talk is easier with a glass in hand and if nothing else, your guests might just make some new friends at the bar in the process.

5. Alcohol is optional

We're finding that more and more of the people visiting our bar are eschewing alcohol in favour of non-alcoholic options. Keep it inclusive by having a cocktail and mocktail on the menu-not only with the pregnant ladies thank you but so will everyone else's heads the next day!