The Indecisive Bride's Guide to Wedding Wines

Whether you’re going DIY, have a caterers’ drinks package or are using the services of one of the many mobile bars available to hire, you’ll probably have to decide on some wines before the big day.

It’s hard, particularly if you’re not a big wine drinker or are just plain indecisive (I can sympathise!) but we have a few tips which might help you towards some wine victory whilst keeping that ever-looming budget in mind!

Before you even browse those Dan Murphy’s aisles it’s wise to consider:

  1. Your Budget- consider how much alcohol you’ll need (there is help online for this!) and then how much you’d like to spend.It’ll become obvious pretty quickly whether you’re looking at $20 per bottle or $10.

  2. The Season and potential weather- Winter wedding?Reds will be more popular than on a hot and steamy, summer’s afternoon when cold beers will be the order of the day.You’ll find though, that weddings are always a good time for sparkling!

  3. Grape Variety-consider your dinner choices.Reds are perfect with steak and meats but white’s will be popular if you’re having a seafood feast!If in doubt go for simple choices everyone will know-Sauvignon Blanc for white along with Shiraz or a Cabernet Sauvignon for red’s.

  4. Consider the rest of your bar menu- if you’re having cocktails you probably won’t need Moscato as well.And spirits?Reduce the amount of wine you buy.

When you’ve thought about all these things, head over to the Dan Murphy’s website for a browse. The online reviews there are a great way to find some promising contenders to test out. Wedding planning is supposed to be enjoyable and choosing wine should be too, I usually suggest to my Bride’s to get the girls (or the Hubby to be) together for a wine tasting evening and tick something off the to do list in the best way!

And the best bit about choosing your wines? You can’t do it wrong, it’s your big day after all!

The Bedford Bar’s best budget buys:

White- Sav Blanc, Toi Toi $10.50

Red- Penfolds Koonunga Hill $11.35

Sparkling- Trilogy $10.90

First published in the Port Douglas Wedding Lounge Magazine, Issue 3: