Why going BYO is awesome

There are a whole bunch of things to think about when you're planning a wedding, you're probably not gonna be too keen on adding one more thing to the long list!

However, there are some serious advantages to going BYO and if you do it with us, we'll make it as easy as cracking open that nice cold bottle of bubbles on a Friday...

1) Personalised Drinks-that amazing cocktail you had on a cruise together years ago? Your Dad's favourite after dinner whiskey? With a BYO service you can choose to make your day as personalised as possible. Choose all your fave wines and drinks to keep everyone happy, the dance floor packed and your guests raving about your wedding for years to come.

2) Drinks Stations- Going BYO enables you to go wild with your offerings for the evening. Why not finish up with a Whisky Tasting for the boys? Or pre-dancefloor Espresso Martini's anyone?!

3) Save, Save, Save!-Locally brewed craft beers on tap for cheaper than stubbies of XXXX? Paying only $4 per Mojito instead of the $15 you'd usually pay at a bar? These are all possible at The Bedford Bar, and what's more we have even more secrets up our sleeve to help you save!

4) Expert advice on tap- we've been there, done that wedding and even had the left over booze afterwards. We're the experts when it comes to wedding drinks and we're always here to help make things as easy as possible for you. Not only will we work out how much to buy, we can also place your order for you, pick it up and pre-chill it so you don't even have to lift so much as a bottle of Sav... (unless of course you're pouring yourself a glass after a job well done!)