The Bedford Bar Story

Just over 2 years ago we embarked on what would be the biggest and most important project we'd ever even thought of trying. Just 8 months before our own wedding, we decided to build our own bar on the back of a dilapidated and abandoned Bedford truck. After all the problems we'd had finding what we wanted, we knew we weren't the only ones...other people would be worrying about their own wedding bar service. So treating our own wedding as a practice run we decided to start a business.

I originally wanted a caravan to restore, so we started to look and look but nothing caught my eye. They were all too small or too retro looking and we're not the retro type! Until... cruising around on Gumtree I spotted an old Bedford.

I wont say it was love at first sight because this wasn't even the old girl we'd choose but the ideas started to roll. Travelling down to Melbourne we found THE one, it took the mechanic hours to get it started but he did and we bought our Beddie that day. Then started 8 months of gruelling hard work, disappointment and hours scouring the internet for parts. Clint's dad, Mike, very fortunately is a mechanic and working from his own shed started painstakingly to put the old beast back together in working order, sourcing parts from all over the world and having some specially made. Our custom made bar back was designed by Clint and hand built by him along with a fabricator friend to weld it together. We needed a little outside help but mostly our beautiful bar was created by Clint and his Dad-a real Father and Son project if ever there was one!

If I can give you one piece of advise here-deciding to start a business just months before your own wedding (especially when the deadline for both is the same day!) is definitely not advisable. But if you make it through (and sometimes it felt like a HUGE if!) I'd like to think you probably make a pretty solid couple.

After a hugely successful launch at our own wedding, The Bedford Bar has continued to go from strength to strength. This Bar is more than just a business or a service to us, it's our baby and our passion. And you can tell.

Based on our own experience in planning a wedding (and trying to make it as awesome as possible!) we've created the most flexible and personable bar service we can. Suited to every type of wedding-casual, vintage or even the fanciest of days- we want to be able to serve everything you'd like to drink with no limitations and no crazy prices!

(Yes, even your fiances favourite espresso martinis...)