Karen & Chris-7th August 2016, Rex Smeal Park

Rex Smeal Park, Mobile Bar, Port Douglas, Cairns, Wedding

Our first foray into the stunning Rex Smeal Park was for Karen and Chris' nuptials on the 7th of August.

The afternoon started with a ceremony overlooking the ocean. Guests were welcomed with champagne and ice cold beers served from our little vintage trolley just outside the ceremony. Rex Smeal had really put on its best for this fun couple with blue skies and smiles all around.

Guests made their way straight from the ceremony into the reception, held under the gorgeous fig tree in the center of the park. Pretty lights dangled from the branches of the tree, set up by the ever lovely Port Douglas Weddings and Hire. Our lovely couple had chosen Mai Tai's and Old Fashioned's as their cocktails for the evening and they certainly went down an absolute treat on such a beautiful tropical evening.

Guests helped themselves to a buffet from Cairns' Spit Roasts awesome new food truck 'Mojo', man were we stoked to be working alongside people after our own hearts, converting a vehicle into something magnificent!

As the evening drew to a close (after some gorgeous speeches I must add!) it was time...Tequila time! The Groom and most of the guests enjoyed tequila and Springbok shots (Amarula and Peppermint liquer-sounds disgusting but think mint ice cream!) until close. What a spectacular day!

The Bedford Bar, mobile bar in Port Douglas