That dreaded budget question...

There comes a time in the planning of every wedding where the topic of a budget must be broached. It's usually a painful time when the couple realises that maybe some of the things they'd dreamed of might not be affordable like the 20 minute fireworks show to end the night, the 6 piece band or the $250 (to hire!) Peacock chairs.

But fear not! This article is here to help you save money, yes you heard me right, SAVE money. Because as unlikely as it sounds, we at The Bedford Bar have been there, done that and not been able to afford the Peacock chairs too so we know all about wedding expenses.

Weddings can be seriously expensive occasions so we've got a couple of tips as to how we can help you save a few bucks on your big day.

1) This is my absolute fave tip. We have keg beer taps on board, by going with them instead of bottled beer you can save heaps. A 19L keg is equivalent to about 2 cartons of beer and costs about $60, meaning each 425ml schooner we pour costs you about $1.25. Buy a carton of Corona and each 355ml bottle will cost you about $2. If you're buying 100 beers (and lets be honest you'll probably be buying a lot more than that!) you've already saved yourselves $75!

2) Our hire costs include glassware hire (or our premium plasticware if you're partying in Rex Smeal Park!) so there's no extra fees. Hire companies can charge upwards of $1 per glass and even more for wine glasses. You know how many people you're inviting so I'll let you do the maths...

3) There are fabulous catering companies who will staff and organise the bar for you! But if you're having a larger wedding they may charge a lot extra for the additional staff they'll require so there's not a queue. Our rates include all the staff we will need for your wedding, whatever size, and we promise there wont be a queue.

4) A welcome cocktail (whilst looking super fancy) can actually save you heaps! Champagne or decent bubbles for your welcome drinks can set you back a fair bit at say $15 or more per bottle, and you'll need a few bottles. But a big batch cocktail whipped up in our dispensers, could cost you as little as a bottle of vodka or rum if you’re thinking Mojito’s (I’m always thinking mojitos…)

5) We provide everything else you'll need for your event. Ice, garnishes, all the soft drinks, so there is only the alcohol for you to buy. It really is all included, and when you see how much lemonade an 8 year old can drink over the course of an evening you'll be relieved that you didn't have to fork out for those soft drinks...

So that's a fair few dollars saved I reckon.

I'm not going to talk to you about value because that's a decision you'll need to make based on whats going to work for you but I'll just mention that in addition to all those fabulous ways we can help you save money above, you'll also get our gorgeous Beddie. And who doesn't want a bit of old school style and a few twinkly lights at their wedding...

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