Wedding Trends-Cute little drinks stations

It's all about those personal, creative touches these days

One way to make sure your personal touch is stamped all over your wedding is by having a unique drinks station. They're huge at the moment, thanks to all the beautiful photos on pinterest at the moment (if you haven't already, you must go and look!) and they're actually super easy and usually pretty budget friendly too!

Some of our favourites are:

1) Bellini Bar or Pimp your Prosecco-guests get a glass of bubbles and can add syrups, fresh fruit or juices to make it just how they like it.

2) Fresh coconut stand-what better way to celebrate being in the Tropics (we have the contacts too so hit us up)

3) Sangria bar-who doesn't love a sweet and fruit sangria to get a party going. There are heaps of flaves out there too so go crazy.

4) Whiskey stations are really fun for later in the night too, just beware of those heathens who'll want to mix it with coke...

The options are almost endless-iced chai tea, G&T station, beer tastings or even fancy mocktails in big glass dispensers if you've got a couple of kids coming or lots of drivers. We can help you out with anything, the wackier the better in our eyes!