The Bedford Bar's Top 5 Expo Tips

Having been a bride myself not so long ago, trust me when I say I really do understand how scary expo's are. Sure, they're fun but they're also really intimidating-all those vendors hawking their wares and trying to get you to part with your hard earned cash!

Now I'm seeing it from the other side and I promise thats not what we're really like... Here are a few tips I've picked up along the way:

1) DO go with what you're looking for in mind. There are always a few photographers and caterers but if you've got yours secured already we wont be offended if you walk on by!

2) DONT be put off by things you hadn't considered yet. There are some really wacky ideas out there-photo printers (amazing!), lolly stations and (dare I say it!) mobile bars are all things that dont usually feature too heavily on your typical wedding to do list but they might make the difference between a good wedding and a record-breakingly good, dancing on tables kind of wedding.

3) DONT think that everyone there is trying to sell you things. We all know that weddings are about the most personal thing ever and we might not suit your style but mostly we're nice people who appreciate a smile as you pass-we promise we wont make you sign on the dotted line!

4) Already booked someone? DO pop by their stall and say hi, its so nice to meet the people you've been frantically emailing with in person and it makes it feel more personal on the big day too!

5) DO go with plenty of time to spare. Expo's can be large and very busy so dont try to rush round, you'll just end up hot and stressed. When the doors open and close to the end are usually the quietest times we've found. Also take a pen, notebook, comfy shoes and water-you might be in for the long haul!

Clint's top tip: Boys dont be scared! You may feel like you're the only bloke that got roped into this but you're so not. You'll earn major brownie points with the missus (and a beer afterwards for your bravery!) but you never know there might be something you spot there that will make your wedding day perfect. It's your day too afterall.