A Wedding Minefield Explained

Happy Engagement Season people! If your social media accounts are anything like mine at the moment you'll be feeling all those (mostly) warm, fuzzy feelings that accompany hundreds of 'She said yes!' statuses and (maybe not so) generous feelings about the huge rocks being posted here, there and everywhere.

For those of you who are however already happily engaged you'll know that the planning doesnt stop there just because Christmas has arrived. It could even be under a month until the year of your wedding begins-cue mass panic! Trust me, I understand...

But don't stress, having spent a year thoroughly engrossed in all things wedding (and also all things cocktail but maybe we wont go there just yet) its fair to say that my lovely new Husband and I have learnt a few things and made the mistakes so you dont have to! The above is the culmination of a lot of new experiences, mistakes and successes that this roller-coaster of a year has brought us.

So please read it, save it, use it, send it to your friends, do whatever you like with it! Hopefully it will save you time and stress (and also mean you dont have 43 bottles of Cloudy Bay left over after your own wedding whoops!)

With Love from The Bedford Bar x