I just couldnt think of what to call this post, I'm not much of a writer and the creative juices dont really flow too well with me but when I thought of Clint in the shed (which is where he has been ALL week) all I could think of was sawdust.

You can't even see the floor of the shed anymore, coated as it is in a carpet of the stuff and poor Clint looks like he's greying (even faster than usual) as it all gathers in his hair. In fact it seems like its taking over the house, it's in my shower and washing machine and the poor dogs are covered in the stuff too. I guess its one of the problems with working from home...

On a more positive note, as well as creating a vast amount of sawdust Clint has also been hard at work on the interior cladding. We were lucky enough to find some Silky Oak boards around the back of our garage which used to belong to a house fascia but are now a beautiful bar top, fitted and ready for a coat of varnish to make it super shiny. Clint also managed to get some more Silky Oak from his boss Sam to make the back wall of the bar. He's about half way done there and I just cannot wait to see it all varnished and beautiful!

We've also got power now whoop! So the end is almost within sight!