To Wood or Knot to Wood...

Well the weather up here recently has left much to the imagination with it being the wettest June since records began. We've had torrential rain for what feels like weeks on end. Particularly painful when you have a lot to do. Unfortunately, the rain arrived just at the same time that we came to start painting the body of the truck and as my construction team (Clint & Mike) tell me, you cant paint in the rain!

So we waited and waited and eventually in a days gap between showers Mike managed to get all the painting done. Phew...

Next on the to do list was the exterior cladding and making the truck as waterproof as we could. With weight limits in mind and trying to keep the body of the truck as light as possible we actually decided to go with a timber look aluminium product called Knotwood in the Hickory colour. I chose the colour and Clint was, shall we say, sceptical about it but when it arrived it looked just fantastic! Much to my surprise the exterior cladding took only a couple of days to fit (even with Clint being a perfectionist!) making the truck suddently go from a big metal frame (technological term there...) to what is actually starting to look like something!

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