The truck becomes a bar!


So I'm not too great at finding the time to write blogs very much at the moment. What with starting a business, planning a wedding for just 6 weeks time and also working full time, our days are pretty jam packed!

That doesnt mean that nothing's happening here at Bedford HQ though. Clint has been busy working almost every day on the truck and various aspects of the bar. Unfortunately, we're still waiting for the cladding to arrive ( a week late already!) so although it still doesnt look like much at the moment we were thrilled to be able to put the frame Wayne the welder has built on the back of the truck last week. Its a perfect fit and also looks so fitting-great news as the frame just looks so enormous sitting in the shed! When it eventually stops raining here in Cairns, the boys will paint the aluminium frame glossy black, clad the whole thing in timber look aluminium from Knotwood and fit our beautiful Silky Oak bar top and back wall. Oooh I so can't wait!