A Coat of Coast Ivory


It's been all go here at Bedford HQ! Its been about 2 weeks since we picked the truck up from the paint shop and we love it! It's looking so flash and shiny with its new paint job in its original Bedford Coast Ivory colour.

With only 10 weeks to go until the launching of the Bar at our own wedding, we're really going for it with the welder starting to build the back of the truck late last week. As of tomorrow we should have a fully restored truck with a chequer plated flatbed ( I think Clint would actually quite like to leave it like that...) and by the end of the week we should have the whole frame built! All beginning to come together now, just in time!

On another completely unrelated note, how lucky are we to live in such an incredible place?! The photo above was taken in our backyard on an average winter day in Cairns. With a daily average temperature of about 25 degrees through the winter and almost guaranteed blue skies it's no surprise that people come from all over the world to get married here.