Out with the old and in with the new!

photo 1 (2).JPG

After a last weeks exciting test drive, we were dying to get the truck into the paint shop. So one Monday morning I waved good bye to ole' Beddie as the boys headed off into town, hopefully the last time we would see the uneven paintwork and fading signs on the doors hinting to the J5's unknown past.

The truck still had its original paint job on the majority of the vehicle with only the front wings having been restored by the guys at ACW trucks before it came to us. We wanted to keep as much as we could original and although the truck badly needed a new coat of paint, we decided to keep it the same colour-Ivory Coast which is one of only a few colours the Bedfords were made in. Along with the black and timber of the back bar (once built of course!) and a few winks of chrome here and there we think it will look an absolute treat once finished!

Mike snuck along to the paint shop on Friday to snap me a couple of quick photos (and here was me thinking he would be glad to be rid of it for a bit!). Poor Beddie had been stripped down all ready to be painted with the doors already in the booth being sprayed.

Once the new coat of paint has gone on, we will be into the next stage of our bar building adventure with welder extraordinaire Wayne Tuni getting involved in creating a frame for the back of the truck.