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Those of you that follow us on Instagram or Facebook will no doubt have seen the exciting things that have happened over the last couple of weeks unfolding. If you dont follow us and haven't seen these things I implore you to go and have a nosey! I'm sure you're spending all day on your facebook account anyway... and I promise I wont pester you with too many posts.

Anyhoo, its been all go in the shed over the past few weeks with Mike working tirelessly (and Clint working a little bit) to get ole' Beddie back on the road and we were delighted when, on a rainy Saturday, it was declared...


So Mike, Clint and I hopped in armed with a handily borrowed trade plate and set off on our maiden voyage! It was everything we'd hoped it would be and more- more noise, more heat and more fumes! Not ideal. But then we didnt buy the J5 as a road vehicle or something to cruise around in, he's a beast with a job and he doesnt let you forget it while you drive along, ear drums accosted and sweating. Something we will have to remember when booking jobs that are a little further affield!

Needless to say we were absolutely buzzing after our little test drive (we only went about 2 kms down the road and back again, the crucial part is the fact we made it home again!) and have started to feel much more confident that what started out as our little project may actually be ready in time for the big day on the 1st of August.

Next stop...Paint Shop!