A Shiny Chassis


Although it wont look like much, this shiny, clean chassis is one of the most exciting things to happen to me this week!

There always seems to be hard work happening in the shed until I happen to wander over... then theres an awkward silence and all work stops. I have learnt now that its best to avoid the man cave whilst they are working as the boys dont seem to appreciate my input or attempts to help! I knew there was a lot of grinding happening (we live next to the shed and its hard to avoid that noise!) but I wasn't too sure what they were grinding or why and I have learnt that asking too many questions isnt advisable either as I usually don't understand the answers.

After spending a whole day off in the shed Clint invited me over to have a look at what he'd been doing. Turned out it was the chassis they had been grinding, getting 50+ years of rust and dirt off and not finding a single hole in the process! They boys had then sprayed the whole thing in beautiful shiny black. This is so exciting for me because for the first time since we started this project, it actually looks better than when it started! OK so it doesnt have any wheels and the cab still looks the same but still its an improvement and I think thats worth celebrating! Champagne anyone...?