The Restoration Begins...


After about a month of minor work on the truck, things have really started to get moving.

Sourcing parts has been a challenge (one which is greatly enjoyed delegating to Clint!) but once again the guys down at ACW Trucks in Melbourne have come up trumps and found most of the things we needed. Everything else we have managed to get either fixed or made especially right in Cairns here, which is great.

We're very lucky to have Clint's dad, Mike, on side with us. He's a mechanic and runs his own business from home (Redlynch Valley Mechanical) so he has all the tools and equipment we could possibly need, along with a huge shed in which the truck is currently living whilst the work is going on. Mike started by pulling out the leaky radiator which we were able to get welded locally, although as you can see from the photo it doesnt look like we're going to be going anywhere anytime soon!