One hailing day in Melbourne...

photo 1.JPG
That's right... the weather got even worse. We'd been standing out in the cold (and showers!) for probably an hour when the hail came. In one big downpour. We don't get hail in Cairns, I'm sure it never really happens at all so it was a bit of a surprise to say the least!

But back to the story. The next truck we had to view was a J5. A bigger model than the D5 (although both 5 tonners) with a tipper tray. As it was uncovered it just looked huge. The tray up to my shoulders, and the way we were envisaging the bar I just couldn't see how I would ever be able to reach anything on it! This truck however, was perfect. Not as vintage looking as the D5 but still with all the charm. The body as well was in a much better condition with some of it having been stripped right back, rust proofed and re painted (in the cream colour I wanted!) already, a huge bonus.

Feeling a lot better about the day, Clint and I headed off to get some lunch whilst Craig set to work on starting the beautiful J5. And when we came back, he was still trying. And an hour later... In the end it turned out that the truck was just running on vapour, no fuel left in the tank at all and had we thought about that to begin with, the old thing probably would've started nearly first time but it was nerve wracking waiting to see if it went.

With no brakes, (except for the hand brake) and not really idling properly Craig took us for a quick run around the block in the old beast. Clint was prepared for how slow and noisy the truck was going to be but I really wasn't. With no sound proofing the J5 was so noisy you couldn't really talk over it, and so slow I just didnt know how it would go with all the weight we were planning to put on the back of it! The boys however were pleased and talked of the 'couple' of kinks to be ironed out.

So that was it. The truck was all but ours and we had decided.