One rainy Melbourne day

photo 4.JPG
So with high hopes, on the 1st of November we left Cairns on the first flight of the day for Melbourne. With less than 8 hours in Victoria to see the trucks and (hopefully) decide on one we had our work cut out for us.

Arriving at a large warehouse, with a tiny sign (in freezing temperatures) we were really not sure what to expect next-would the whole trip down have been wasted? We were met at the door by Warren, probably the most avid enthusiast you'll ever meet who then proceeded to show us around the wonderful Bedfords in various states of restoration that filled the warehouse... And I mean filled. Bonnets hung from the ceiling while the shells of old truck cabs were hiding around every corner and under every dust sheet. I now understand why the team at ACW Trucks are always so busy.

We headed out into the wind and rain to view the trucks that were for sale in the storage yard and as we pulled up the word 'graveyard' sprung to mind. All sorts of vehicles in various states of disrepair were littered around the overgrown yard, covered in tarps and, I thought at the time, abandoned. In retrospect it just shows what great vehicles they are-they can be left for years out in the open, unloved and in some cases start first time!

With Craig's help we had narowed it down to two vehicles-both 5 tonners, a D5 and a J5. Having seen some pictures of the D5 we had fallen in love. It had the real vintage look and old school style that we needed in our vehicle and we had been reassured that it ran very well. On uncovering the vehicle however we realised that the body needed far more work than we had the time to give it. Despite this it started first time. I could see on Clint's face that he wasnt impressed and I was devastated, I'd really gotten my hopes up but there was still one more vehicle to view.