The search continues

After much soul searching and discussions which centred around "do we really want to do this?", "have we got enough time?" etc etc, we hit upon an idea. That suddenly made all of those questions seem completely irrelevant because it was amazing and no one had done it before and certainly no one in Cairns had anything like it.

It was going to be a truck. A big, dirty old truck which my fantastic husband to be with his excellent carpentry skills was going to transform into the bar to end all bars and THE accessory for our wedding.

But as always it wasn't as easy as you first think it will be with all your new found optimism and enthuasiasm. After trawling pages and pages of Gumtree and Ebay ads for vintage trucks I struck upon the absolute genius who is Craig at ACW trucks.

Specialising in Bedfords, which I had discovered a bit of a soft spot for due to their British heritage, Craig told me everything I needed to know- what model would hold our bar design, which are the most popular (read easiest to get parts for!), what the average prices are...

The wonderful Craig then announced that he actually had a number for sale including two which met our specifications and most importantly were within our budget!