It all started...

It all started at the beach. Palm Cove Beach to be exact, in beautiful Far North Queensland. My fiance and I, due to get married in the busy month of August were discussing the obligatory wedding plans with my parents recently arrived on holiday from England. My dad, always one to think of his stomach first, started with the important business of caterers. "Booked!' He wasn't far behind with his second favourite topic...drinks.

That was where we stumbled (not far into the wedding planning I know but you've got to start somewhere!) We aren't people of particularly strong tastes we just wanted our wedding to look "nice" and for people to have a great time and as I'm sure you will agree, drinks are often one of the keys to having a great time. We didn't want one of the standard dry bars offered by our catering company (a trestle table covered by a white tablecloth-boringggg!) and having tried some other hire companies around Cairns and found that they either never replied or didnt have what we were looking for I was at a bit of a loose end!

Having seen the caravan bars and VW camper bars setting up around the country, I was jealous of all the beautiful wedding hire available only to people living in the big cities despite the fact that Cairns and Port Douglas are one of the biggest destinations for weddings in Australia. Ever the business man, my dad immediately spotted a gap in the market declaring that we should make such a bar. Caravans were done, VW campers were expensive, a ute couldnt serve 100 guests.

We knew the vehicle had to be different with a retro or vintage style that people would be drawn to. So the search began...

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