Got some questions?


Can I choose what drinks we have?


Yes, the choice is 100% yours. You can choose the exact drinks (and the brands) to be served to your guests including cocktails from our list if you choose. We can supply everyone’s favourite drink from your Mum’s favourite Sauvignon Blanc, your best mate’s favourite whiskey and your Strawberry Mojito with bells on.


That sounds good, how does that work?


You choose the list of drinks, we can advise on how much to order, suggestions of menus and other recommendations.  You are then free to place your drinks order at your choice of bottle shop, making the most of any specials!

We also offer an order service where we'll place your order, collect it, deliver it on the day and pre-chill it too!  We charge a small fee of 10% of the order value to do this.


You don’t even have to worry about how much to order. We can advise you of course but our best advice is to order plenty as it’s never good to run out! The good news is that most bottles can be bought on a ‘sale or return’ basis. So, you don’t have to worry about running out or wasting money! How cool is that?



So, how much does the Bedford Bar cost and what does that include?

We believe that every event is unique so please contact us by email at for pricing information and we'll be happy to advise on costs.  There is a minimum hire charge of $1500.  Our prices do depend on how many people will be attending, how long you'd like us there for you and also what you'd like served.


We will arrive on site with a bar, our team, your drinks, glasses, eskies, ice – in fact everything you would expect a bar to have and of course everything required to make some delicious drinks!  We also have a fantastic vintage industrial style bar cart, which can serve as a great additional drinks station.  A Bellini station is a popular option for weddings but we can also do whiskey tasting stations, ice tea and soft drinks or bottled beers. If you can dream it up we can do it.




Does the Bar provide any decorations?


The Bedford has its own period lighting.  We don't provide decorations as our old gals don't really need them however, in order to make sure everything matches it’s usually best if your florist can provide some flowers. 



Can we serve tap beer?


Yes!  We have 2 taps installed in our Original Bar Truck and 3 in Black Betty and can source a wide variety of beers (over 50 different types!) from our local stockist in Cairns.  We’re happy to advise which ones we like or you can visit and try them yourself!



How many staff does the Bar come with?


We don’t like bar queues. We think of our service as premium and we are likely to be overstaffed rather than understaffed. In particular, we will work with you to agree a welcome drink that can be prepared in advance and served quickly. Once everyone has their first drink in their hand it all gets a lot easier!  There will be an additional cost for larger weddings where more staff are required.



Does The Bedford Bar provide glassware?


We provide all glassware for use at the bar including tumblers, talls and wine and champagne glasses.  If tap beer is required we will also provide the glasses for that and the best glasses for the cocktails you’ve chosen.  Staff will roam around the venue during the evening collecting spare glasses.  However, there will be a charge for any glassware, which is taken somewhere where the staff can’t find it!



How many glasses do you have?


Depends on how many guests you have!  We have the facilities to wash glasses on site too so we won’t run out!



What do you do with the rubbish?


We can provide rubbish disposal for an additional cost (this is necessary at some venues) but if not, the venue must supply adequate bins on site.



Does The Bedford Bar require power and water?


We always require access to power (for those twinkly lights!) and water as well unless arranged otherwise.  We have our own hoses and power cables though, we just require somewhere to plug in.



Does The Bedford Bar offer table service?


No, getting up and mingling with all the other lovely guests is part of the fun!



What happens at the end of the night, will you take our guests drinks off them when its time to go home?


No!  We would never take someone’s drink!  Around half an hour before the end of the event we will start to serve in plastic cups so we can sneak away quietly leaving you to carry on the party – the drinks are yours after all!  We will pre-arrange with you what you'd like us to do with any left over drinks-whether we set up a self-service bar or kee your drinks safe until you're ready to collect them is up to you!



How long can I hire The Bedford Bar for?


Every event is different so you can hire us for as long as your event takes!



How long does it take to setup and pack down?


We take approximately 2 hours to set up and an hour to pack down.  This time is included in the hire cost.



What areas does The Bedford Bar travel to?


We’re based in Cairns but regularly travel to Port Douglas and the Tablelands.  We love to travel though so will consider any adventure, just get in touch!



What access do you require?  Do you need anywhere special to set up?


We do require an area of flat land to park and set up, as we would hate the drinks to slide off the bar!  The Original truck is not much wider than your average car so fits up most driveways.  It is 6.5m long, 2.3m wide and 2.73m high. She's the biggest of the bunch, Black Betty is smaller.  If there are any particularly low hanging branches you may have to do a bit of gardening for us to get in!



My wedding is in a park, can The Bedford Bar come and party with us?


Usually this isn’t a problem however, if does depend on getting the correct licensing from the council.  You will be required to get the relevant permission and licenses for us to attend.



When do I need to pay?


Once you’ve booked and paid your 25% retainer - the date is yours and we won’t take any further bookings for that bar. The 25% retainer is non-refundable. The remaining 75% is due one month before your event.



Great!  How do I book?


Call Sophie on 0400 103 603 at any time or send us an email at , we’re very friendly and love a chat!